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Select Paper-A3-12X17

For Color Laser Copiers/CLC Class Printers
ONE-STEP paper will not work in black & white copiers, desktop printers, bubble jet printers, laser jet printers, etc.

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    Garment type: Light colors only

    Storage & Imaging Conditions:

    Humidity levels effect the performance of the color laser copier and the paper. Best results are achieved at 50-70% relative humidity. Always keep the ONE-STEP paper packed and sealed in the ZIPLOK bag until used. Return all unused paper to the bag and reseal.

    Caution: Dampness in the paper will cause poor reproduction quality.


    • Determine which side of the regular paper is imaged in your color laser copier (CLC). Place One-STEP paper in your CLC so that the blank coated side is imaged. Remember to mirror image on your CLC.
    • Press at 350-375 degrees (190-200 Celsius) Machines vary so test to see what temperature works best with your machine.
    • Peel hot. For an even softer finish on knit fabrics, stretch shirt slightly after applying the transfers.

    Application Times:
    Application TypeTime
    T-shirts8-10 seconds
    Sweatshirts20-25 seconds
    Mouse Pads8-10 seconds
    Puzzles15 seconds
    Nylon Jackets4-6 seconds

    Other natural fiber items may also be printed.

    Note: For application to mouse pads/puzzles leave about ΒΌ of excess paper around outside. This excess will be used as a tab to remove the paper. The image should cover the entire surface. Place some scrap plain paper on the base of your heat transfer machine. This will protect your platen from the excess image.

    Imprinted Garment Care:

    ONE-STEP produces an extremely soft hand print. This hand will continue to improve with washing. ONE-STEP garments can be ironed and the color will be enhanced. Wash garment inside-out in warm or cool water. Do not use bleach (bleach additive soaps) or hot water.

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