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Kiss Me I'm Irish

Kiss Me I'm Irish

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Screen Printed Transfers
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12" x 14"
Lights Only
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Hot Peel
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  • Hot Peel Application Instructions

    1. Set temperature at 390-400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Set pressure at medium.
    3. Print 10-12 seconds.
    4. Peel immediately while hot, in one continuous, smooth, rapid motion.
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    Keep the Z3 and get Review by Imen
    Keep the Z3 and get a cheap beater for snow days, OR get sthmoeing fun that's FWD/AWD. Dropping yourself into a used WRX or Evo isn't a sign of aging, and crazy Europeans *race* those in the snow...Don't discount fun FWD or AWD sports sedans, either. My own ride is an '04 Acura TL (FWD) with a 6-speed manual; 0-60 in 6 flat, top speed of 150, and you can turn on the air conditioner by talking to it.I suspect the summer tires are your real problem, though. Even a set of Contisport DWS (dry, wet, snow) would be better than summer tires, but a 2nd set of wheels + snow tires might be best in your climate. (Posted on 3/31/15)