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Help: Custom Shirt Options

1 I Want To Create Custom Shirts But I'm Not Sure How To Proceed

2 Things to think about...

Custom jobs are based on a variety of details. Please answer these questions below to see where your job fits within the custom options.

  • Quantity

    Are you printing 3 or 3,000? We have a process that will save you money.
  • Design Colors

    Do you need unlimited colors (photo) or just a few colors (clip art)?
  • Garment Material

    Is your garment cotton or synthetic? It makes a difference.
  • Garment Color

    Is it a light shirt or a dark shirt? Dark shirts need a base color.
  • Design Size

    How big does your design need to be? Is it small or large?
  • Equipment

    Do you have a professional heat press? If so you can save some money.

3 Pick Your Options

See below for which custom printing options best suits your job.

Custom Transfers
Transfer Paper
Transfer Vinyl
Direct To Garment
Screen Printed
  Screenprinting on special release paper using plastisol inks. Paper that allows you to create custom designs using your inkjet or laser printer. Rolls of color that can be laser cut for fine cutting and easy weeding. Direct to garment printing using water based inks. Screen printed directly on the shirt using plastisol inks.
Best for medium to large orders (quantities: 12+). Best for small orders (quantities: 1-12). Best for small to medium orders (quantities: 1-36). Best for small orders (quantities: 1-12). Best for large orders (quantities: 24+).
Design Colors
Up to 4 standard colors or unlimited colors using a process print (ColorTrans). Unlimited colors except for white. Unlimited colors, but only 3 colors can be layered within 1 design. Unlimited. Up to 10 colors.
Garment Material
Cotton, 50/50 blends, polyester, canvas, jerseys, Spandex/Lycra with EasyFlex. Cotton, 50/50 blends. Various garment types depending on the vinyl. Limited to cotton and cotton blends. Various garment types depending on the printer.
Garment Colors
All colors. All colors. Paper options available for light or dark garments. All colors. All colors. All colors. Dark shirts require a base color.
Design Size
Up to 12.75" x 19". Up to 11" x 17". Rolls are available in 15" widths and up. Various. Varies, depending on printer.
Equipment Needed
Professional heat press. Computer, printer and professional heat press. Computer, vinyl cutter, professional heat press. Either a DTG printer or no equipment if using a 3rd party printer. Screen printing equipment.
Check With Local Printer For Pricing