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Vinyl Cutter FAQ

Where do I find the Voucher Code?

The voucher code is located on back of the CD sleeve

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Do I need software to use this cutter?

Yes, you will need the GreatCut 3 software which comes with the cutter. You will also need Illustrator or Corel Draw. These additional programs are needed to provide outline files to send to your cutter through GreatCut 3.

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What setting should I use for my vinyl?

You should follow the suggested settings provided with the vinyl. A test cut should be done to make sure the proper pressure and cutting speed is used for the vinyl. If the test cut cuts through the carrier sheet, you should adjust the settings.

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What should I do if my test print does not cut through the vinyl?

Double check your cutter settings. Also, make sure that the blade is set properly in the holder.

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What should I do if my carrier sheet is being cut along with my vinyl?

Adjust your cutter settings and lessen the pressure.

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Which way am I supposed to load the vinyl?

The vinyl should be placed with plastic or carrier sheet at the bottom. The layer of vinyl should be facing up.

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Do I need to mirror my image?

Yes, when printing an image on the vinyl, you will need to mirror your design.

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Do you have PDF manuals or instructions?

Yes, here are the manuals and instructions for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw/AAS.

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Do you have any help videos?

There are some great video resources available. Here are some links.

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What is the maximum acceptable media thickness for GCC cutting plotters?

0.8 mm (including backing paper)

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My operating system is Windows XP. Are there any compatibility issues when using GCC SignPal cutters?

Basically, GCC SignPal cutters accept HPGL commands from your computer. The HPGL command language is a widely used graphical language. It is not affected by your operating system. However, the cutting software that you use may have a compatibility issue if it was developed before Windows XP. Sign makers should check with their cutting software supplier for upgraded software in order to resolve any compatibility problems.

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What is the life of a blade?

Basically, the knife shipped with a GCC cutting plotter has a 5 mile cutting lifespan. However, it varies depending on different applications. Therefore, it is encouraged to use the Cut Test function to verify the sharpness of the blade and to choose an appropriate cutting force. The Cut Test procedure will not only provide you with a means of selecting a proper tool force, prolonging the knife's lifespan, but will also assist you in checking if you have chosen the right settings (offset for instance) to ensure output quality.

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What kind of software do I need to work with vinyl cutters?

All vinyl cutters require the cutting software included with each cutter purchase. The GreatCut 3 software can be used with Adobe Illustrator and/or Corel Draw. If using Adobe Illustrator CS2-CS5 or CC for MAC, a separate MAC-plugin can be provided (Sure Cuts). To use Sure Cuts with your MAC, you will need to convert the file to an eps format and then import into Sure Cuts.

Possible Host Programs:(GreatCut 3)

  • CorelDRAW X3-X7 (for usage of the workflow toolbar)
  • CorelDRAW 6-X7
  • Adobe Illustrator 8-CS6, CC
  • Adobe InDesign CS4-CS6, CC
  • AutoCAD LT98, R14, 2000 / LT / i, 2002 / 2002LT - 2015 / 2015LT
  • Macromedia Freehand 8-MX
  • Inkscape

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What are three things to look out for when choosing a vinyl cutter?

There are three things sign makers should consider when buying a vinyl cutter.

  • Tracking ability: Better tracking ability means sign makers can make a higher quality and bigger sign during one cutting job when compared with other cutters. Time is money. Better tracking helps sign makers make signs more efficiently.
  • Cutting speed: High-speed cutters make signs faster than slower cutters. Again, time is money. Faster cutter help sign makers make more money.
  • Cutting force: Cutters with higher cutting force can cut on various media. For example, cutting sandblast or reflective material needs a higher cutting force. If the cutting force of the cutter is not high enough, it will limit the sign maker’s business to only vinyl cutting.

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