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Pro World Heat Press Transfers

Heat Press Transfers

Pro World is your #1 source for heat press transfers! Pro World features an amazing array of superior heat press transfers. You can find t-shirt iron-on heat transfers in virtually any design you want: there's always a unique look to uncover with our large selection of transfers. Here are just a few of our many types of heat press transfers: Automotive, Birds, Dogs, Floral, Holidays, Inspirational, Seasonal, Sports/Games, Vintage and much, much more. We have thousands of iron-on transfers to choose from, and we even carry custom-sized heat press transfers for items such as mugs, caps, and pocket designs.

Although there is no minimum order size, we feature a variety of bulk discounts: just look at the pricing information for each individual heat press transfer to see what discounts apply. In general, the more heat press transfers you purchase, the more your business saves. So not only do we have the largest selection of heat press transfers online- but our wholesale prices are unbeatable.

Heat Press Transfer Supplies

If you're a creative type that wants to design your own signature style, then check out our handy collection of heat press transfer papers. It's as simple as designing your own t-shirt iron-on heat transfers, and then just printing them onto the correct type of paper. We sell transfer paper for a variety of printer types- ink and bubble jet paper, color laser and printer transfer paper, or thermal wax and thermal dye paper. Creative artists can choose from a variety of programs to work with, which include (but are not limited to): Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Hanes T-Shirt Maker, and Corel Draw. Check on each individual page for discounts on bulk purchases of transfer paper too!

We also sell heat press transfers for things other than just t-shirts- our additional transfer product selection includes heat press transfer possibilities for mouse pads, coasters, tote bags, puzzles, auto tags, and magnetic items like calendars, picture frames, and business cards.

And don't forget- ProWorld also sells a variety of heat press transfer machines. All of our heat press machines are industrial grade, and most can handle a variety of heat press transfers, including computer generated ones. Choose from machines for smaller heat press transfers on caps or t-shirts, or our largest machine that handles heavy materials like sweatshirts and jackets.

We know what it's like to be a business owner, so we often feature great starter packages for heat press transfers and transfer machines. If you purchase a minimum amount of heat press transfers, you can save big on your own personal transfer machine!

Guidelines for Pro World Heat Press Transfers

The first thing to keep in mind with all of our heat press transfers is that they must be used with a heat press transfer machine only- they are not compatible with home irons! We sell wholesale heat press transfers for business or bulk usage. Depending on which type of transfer you purchase, each will have specific heat press transfer application guidelines that you'll want to follow. Our web site includes helpful instructions for a variety of different t-shirt iron-on heat transfers, from hot or cold peel transfers to rhinestone or beaded heat press transfers. You'll also want to keep in mind that specific styles of heat press transfers can only be used on certain colors and surface types. All of our heat press transfers do indicate which material they can be used on, however.

Heat Press Transfers for Business Owners

Our heat press transfers are ideal for people who own or are starting a t-shirt business. Instead of paying a lot of money up front for a set amount of direct printed garments, using t-shirt iron-on heat transfers allows you to customize your inventory according to demand. You can keep a huge variety of heat press transfers styles on display (including those of your own design), and then make your actual inventory of t-shirts, caps, or mugs according to specific sales requests that you receive. This requires a small initial investment which makes it much easier to start your own business. You can even create an online store and feature hundreds of different product styles, and yet not be required to stock a huge amount of inventory. Instead, you create the t-shirts once your customers have ordered them. Plus, our reasonable prices and bulk purchase discounts are yet another reason why we're such a great partner for business owners!

Our heat press transfers have the exact same feel and texture as a pre-printed garment. There's virtually no difference in quality- but you'll definitely notice the difference in terms of managing your inventory. Our t-shirt iron-on heat transfers also hold up extremely well when washed, although, as with any type of printed shirt (whether directly printed or hand transfer printed), it helps to wash the shirt inside out to prevent fading.

Ordering Heat Press Transfers from Pro World

The easiest and fastest way to order transfers is via our secure online order form, but we're also more than happy to accept your order via telephone, fax, or snail mail. If you choose to order via phone, fax, or mail, however, be sure to first complete your shopping cart and then follow our complete guidelines so we can ensure your order is processed correctly.