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3G Opaque Paper Darks

3G JET OPAQUE® Heat Transfer Papers produce vibrant and wash-durable ink-jet printed transfers onto dark colored cotton, cotton/poly blends and 100% poly fabrics. The paper is coated with a white polymer and this coating will remain on the fabric unless the image is trimmed or plot cut to eliminate this background. This paper can be used to apply photographs or other designs to your garments. Please Note: Hewlett Packard and Dell printers are not recommended for the 3G Opaque paper.

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    Since there are so many makes and models of printers it is virtually impossible to guarantee the results on any one printer. We can only suggest that you check with the manufacturer regarding the use of transfer papers. We cannot assume any liability for the use of our transfer papers. Learn More...


  • Inkjet Paper For Darks Application Instructions

    General Use

    Designed for transferring inkjet images to dark or other colored garments and substrates. This product contains an opaque layer allowing for photograph quality images to be transferred. This product is best used for images that contain white to be transferred onto dark garments. This product may be cut with a cutter/plotter, die and kiss-cut and may be applied to products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, puzzles, and leather goods.

    Printing Instructions

    1. PPrint image on coated side of paper right reading (do not mirror image).
    2. Trim away the unprinted paper around your image.

    Pre-Printing Instructions

    1. Prepare the substrate by ensuring the surface is clean, dry and wrinkle free.

    Application Instructions

    1. Remove the backing paper from the printed image.
    2. Place the Heat Transfer Paper on top of the garment with the image facing up (right reading to you).
    3. Completely cover the image with the ironing sheet.
    4. Place a piece of spare material over the ironing sheet.
    5. Press for 30 seconds at 350°F using medium pressure.
    6. Once cold peel away ironing sheet in a smooth even motion.


    1. If you find it difficult to peel the backing sheet off the printed image, try the following:
      • Place a piece of masking tape on the front corner of the paper.
      • Another piece on the same corner but on the back of the paper.
      • Pull both pieces of masking tape apart to release the printed some from the backing sheet.
      • Once a small area of paper is released from the backing sheet, remove the masking tape carefully.

    Recommended Printers for this paper for darks

    1. Any brand name inkjet printer (i.e. Epson, Canon, Lexmark) work very well with this type of paper. We do NOT recommend a Dell or Hewlett Packard inkjet printer as we have experienced problems with their models.
    Click Here For Video Instructions
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    awesome Review by Emilia Saavedra
    I love it I really didn't expect to them to do so well , Great Product. (Posted on 8/20/19)
    When no one else could Review by Hierarchy Clothing
    I had an account that had a rainbow of colors. We went to every shirt company for screen print, embroidery, ink sublimation, ect. Long story short, I won my account by finding out bout this paper. I went and ordered a press machine, printer and a silouette cutter. Lets just say that Ive paid for my machine 4 times over by making a decision to secure my account and start making shirts. Its an amazing product. (Posted on 6/21/19)
    So far so BLESSED Review by Clifford Holt
    The 3G Opaque paper is a great start for a small to medium clothing business and above great for someone just doing custom work as a hobby or craft. For anyone who has issues or complaints it is evident they haven’t done ALLLL they’re homework. If your image/graphic is A1 with high resolution and the garment is good blend of cotton (less) polyester (more) trust me you’ll know you’ve got a steal on this material for the pricing. My only complaint would be wishing I could be an influencer for this and the jetsoft stretch pro as it has done wonders for me and added a new dimension to what I can provide for my own merch as a Christian hip-hop artist and business owner. Thank you guys for not holding back this for the big wigs only! Blessings (Posted on 5/21/19)
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