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Hix Automatic Clamshell 15x15 Heat Press

The Hix Automatic Clamshell 15x15 is a commercial grade air operated machine with a 15"x15" (surface area) heat platen. It is built with a long lasting pneumatic air cylinder lift system, a stronger air valve for faster clamping, and bushings at hinge points for durability. This all makes this machine more suitable for extra high volume work. Requires an air compressor (not included).The HIX Water Separation Trap now included for the prolonged life of your machine!Shipped from manufacturer. Allow an additional 3-5 days for shipping.

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Press Size:
15" x 15"
Type of Press:
Garment Press
110v or 220v
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    When the upper platen is lowered by hand, it will trip a micro switch just before closure, and the machine will take over applying your preset pressure. At the end of the preset time, the machine will open automatically for you. Because it is air operated, you can set the amount of pressure on the machine and it will adjust automatically to the product no matter what the thickness.

    This automatic (clamshell) presses help reduce operator fatigue in long production runs. They are also very useful in heavy traffic tourist retail shops where numerous garment types, such as sweats and T-shirts, are continuously being produced. It come with the optional pre-press switch.

    HIX Water Separation Trap

    The HIX Water Separation Trap is an integral component of your automated press equipment. When you use compressed air equipment to drive your automatic heat transfer press, condensation will build up in your air hoses. The trap filters and prohibits water from building up and possibly damaging your system. This is where the Water Separation Trap comes in! This is for use with the HIX N-680 and N-880 automatic air heat transfer machines.

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