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Chemica Quickflex Vinyl By The Yard 15"

Save time, get it done in 5 seconds with QUICKFLEX, a matte polyurethane heat transfer material that's great for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers. Hot peel application, soft to the touch, flexible and ultra thin. It is easy to weed and wash resistant.

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  • 16 Colors
  • Semi Matte
  • Layer 3 Colors
  • Most Fabrics
Ideal Application:
Most Fabrics
Semi Matte
Max Layers:
14.5" +/-
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Dark Green

As low as: 6.67

1-4 5-9 10-54 55+
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Fluorescent Yellow

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Royal Blue

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As low as: 6.67

1-4 5-9 10-54 55+
$6.67 $5.98 $5.77 $4.95

As low as: 6.67

1-4 5-9 10-54 55+
$6.67 $5.98 $5.77 $4.95

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  • Product Details

    • 16 colors available
    • Width: 14.5" +/- (may vary in size)
    • Length: By the yard.
    • Suitable for Cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers
    • Thickness: 3.14 mils
    • Carrier: self-adhesive and clear polyester.
    • Norme: Oeko-Tex® label class 1.
    • Always respect the instructions mentioned on garments. After heat pressing, wait 24 hours before the first wash.
    • Washing: 140°F max. inside out - without bleach or any aggressive washing products. Tumble drying: yes
    • Dry cleaning: no
    • Ironing: backside
    • Storage of the roll: vertically, one year in a dry room, 60-85°F, protected from sunlight.
  • Application Instructions

    • Use with cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibres.
    • Cut the image in reverse with a standard 45 degree blade. Make sure the blade is in good condition and carefully set up the cutting parameters.
    • Weed the excess material.
    • 330°F for 5 seconds.
    • for additional layers 300°F for 20 seconds.
    • Medium pressure.
    • Peel the carrier off when warmq2r.
    • After heat pressing, wait 24 hours before the first wash. Do not use bleach or any aggressive washing products at 180˚F max. Tumble dry.
    Click Here For Video Instructions
  • Cutter Settings

    • Material Type: Vinyl+
    • Speed: 3
    • Pressure: 1
    • Blade: 1

    Cutter Settings

    • Material Type: Heat Transfer Smooth
    • Speed: 6
    • Thickness: 6
    • Blade: 3

    Cutter Settings

    • Tool: 09U
    • Force: 9
    • Speed: 5

    Cutter Settings

    • Blad: 45°
    • Force: 80
    • Speed: 15

    Cutter Settings

    • Speed: 15
    • Force: 85
  • Introducing Quickflex Vinyl
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    Quickflex Fail Review by Liana
    I ordered this in orange for a customer as I was doing 13 shirts for her. It was very easy to weed. I used a heat press at the recommended temperature and time: 330F for 5 seconds. I ended up having to press it at least 10 seconds more each time. The shirts were a poly blend. I delivered the shirts to my customer last weekend. She washed her shirt today and she just notified me that all the letters came off in the wash! Very disappointing to say the least. This was my first and now it will be my last time using this product. (Posted on 2/17/19)
    Easy to use Review by sandra
    When time is short this is a good htv it only take 5 seconds to adhere to your garment never had any issues (Posted on 7/28/18)
    What a nightmare. Review by Sara
    I ordered this product in black and in white for all 38 of theChristmas presents I made in 2017. T-shirts, hoodies, baby clothes... despite following the pressing instructions to the letter, and using my COMMERICAL heat press... EVERY SINGLE ITEM USING THE WHITE WASHED OUT! Some only took ONE wash for every letter/design to be completely detached. I usually order Siser Easyweed and am 100% satisfied, but I wanted to try something new. What a nightmare. Yes, when it is on it is MUCH softer than traditional heat transfer vinyl, but I wasted an entire MONTH cutting and pressing those gifts to have 90% of them come apart in the wash. I think I had a bad roll, but by the time I discovered this, it was far too late. I have two huge rolls of this trash left over. What a waste of money. (Posted on 5/3/18)
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