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ThermoFlex Plus Neon is a bright, vibrant and durable polyurethane based heat vinyl that is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment. It is available in large variety of colors. Most colors of ThermoFlex Plus vinyl may be applied in layers for multi-colored designs, with the exception of the neon colors, Antique Silver, Old Gold and Columbia Blue. These colors cannot have layers adhered on top of them, although we have successfully layered these products on top of other colors.
Please Note: ThermoFlex Plus will NOT adhere to nylon. Be advised that dye migration has occurred with low energy dyes in polyester and poly-blend fabrics.

Pricing Per Yard
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Neon Green
Neon Orange
Neon Pink

Thermoflex Plus Neon Vinyl By The Yard 20"

100% of 100
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  • 3 colors
  • Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Acrylic
  • Width: 20" (may vary in size)
  • Thickness : 4 mil

ThermoFlex Plus Application Instructions

Application Instructions

  1. Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Acrylic
  2. 45 Degree Blade
  3. Cut this material in Mirror image
  4. 330˚F - 335˚F
  5. Medium to firm, even pressure
  6. 17-20 seconds
  7. Peel warm.
  8. For neons, Frosty Clear & Columbia Blue, peel cold and cover with a non stick sheet to repress for 5 seconds.
  9. Wash warm, tumble dry normal.
  10. Suitable for dry-cleaning

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