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Pray About Everything

Pray About Everything

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Screen Printed Transfers
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11" x 11"
Lights Only
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Hot Peel
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  • Hot Peel Application Instructions

    1. Set temperature at 390-400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Set pressure at medium.
    3. Print 10-12 seconds.
    4. Peel immediately while hot, in one continuous, smooth, rapid motion.
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    a word and kept all Review by Kiyoko
    a word and kept all the money. Now with the full moon in Scorpio and the lunar eclipse conimg up do I tell on this person or just keep my mouth shut? My insides say tell but it wasn't me that took that money, I just happened to accidentally come across it (Posted on 12/3/15)
    "HT to HT"? Does th Review by Bobby
    "HT to HT"? Does that mean the blog will only make it to 14? Say it ain't so. Of course, gosoneds only knows what sort of as-yet-uninvented social media we'll be using by 2019.Parabe9ns no romance (Congratulations on the novel). An opera? Hmmmm, I'd think the book's better suited to a TV mini-series. Time to knuckle down on your next work of fiction, though. (Posted on 12/3/15)