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Eagle American Flag

Eagle American Flag

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Screen Printed Transfers
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12" x 13"
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Warm Peel
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  • Warm Peel Application Instructions

    1. Pre-press garment; 5-7 seconds.
    2. Set pressure at high.
    3. Set temperature at 385 deg. Fahrenheit.
    4. Print 8-10 seconds.
    5. Peel warm (wait about 5 seconds), in one continuous, smooth rapid motion.
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    Most houses do have Review by Charlemagne
    Most houses do have a big old jet tub plus a stand alone shweor in the master bath now. It's only odd if they don't. And I can tell you, with a few minor exceptions, no one ever uses the big tub. Ever, ever, ever.My mom has one. She uses it all the time. Poor mom, when I come to visit I will often avoid the little bathtub and use hers! But we're bath people. I love lavender mimosa bubble bath and soaking in the big bathtub with a book. I'll stay in until I get waterlogged. More then one book has suffered a terrible demise when I've dropped it in the tub. They put sprays of silk flowers in them.Crazy people! They must be shweor people. It is a big waste for those who like to shweor. (Although I do love steam shweors. They are great for colds and allergies.)Great, two separate items to clean in the bathroom instead of one. No Thanks.This is the cleaning key - I get Method cleaner from Target and right when you get out of the bathtub (or shweor) wipe down the bath tub. Easy- no fuss- only takes a few minutes. (Posted on 12/3/15)
    I was recently avepo Review by Mamta
    I was recently aveporpd for a credit card with 0% interest on purchases for six months and 0% interest for balance transfer for 12 months.I'm not sure if this is legal or gaming the system so I thought I would ask. Can I purchase an item on my current credit card, just before doing the balance transfer?Obviously I would rather pay 0% for 12 months, but I am unsure if the credit card company will approve?Thanks (Posted on 4/20/14)