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Iron-On Heat Transfers

The Web's Largest Selection of Iron-On Heat Transfers

Whether you've enjoyed years of experience in the imprinted sportswear industry, or are just starting out with your own retail t-shirt shop, you know that having the ability to offer a wide variety of t-shirt iron-on transfers is one of the benefits of operating a t-shirt printing business. Because you don't print the shirt until the customers select their iron-on heat transfer, you can afford to offer a multitude of different designs without the inventory, stocking, and storage issues associated with selling preprinted t-shirts or other products. Pro World, the leading supplier of iron-on heat transfers and t-shirt printing supplies and equipment to the industry, is your premier source for heat transfers. With approximately 10,000 different designs, and a stock of t-shirt iron-on heat transfers that is being constantly updated, you'll find all the popular designs your customers are looking for in our extensive catalog. To learn more about our excellent selection of iron-on heat transfers and t-shirt printing supplies, equipment, and accessories, please visit our homepage at

Approximately 10,000 Different Designs

Whatever the subject, whatever your clients' interests, you're sure to find the iron-on heat transfers you need in our huge selection, the industry's largest. Our popular "Holidays" selection of iron-on heat transfers alone features hundreds of great designs, from naturalistic paintings of snowy Christmas scenes to stylized Halloween skulls and goblins to humorous designs ideal for that St. Patrick's Day get-together. We have iron-on heat transfers perfect for any age group, transfers that celebrate the spectrum of life, from pregnancy to infancy to "over the hill." Every vocation, every hobby, every sport is recognized in our thousands of available iron-on heat transfers. Besides "traditional" iron-ons, we feature embroidered designs, jeweled heat transfers, glittery transfers, and much more. We also carry transfers specially designed to be printed on mugs, caps, and pockets, all of which can be a tremendous source of additional revenue. In addition to all our great designs, we offer many attractive iron-on heat transfer display options to conveniently showcase the designs you carry.

No Minimum Order on Iron-On Heat Transfers

There's absolutely no minimum order at Pro World, so whether you need one iron-on heat transfer or hundreds, we can accommodate your needs. We generally recommend to those operating a retail t-shirt printing shop that they stock a wide variety of different iron-on heat transfers to accommodate the needs of a number of different customers with different interests. Our no minimum order policy allows you to not only maintain a great selection of iron-on heat transfers, but it also provides excellent customer service with special orders. In addition, we offer multiple types of thermal, laser, and inkjet transfer paper so you can create your own custom professional-grade t-shirt iron-on heat transfers.

Animal-Themed Iron-On Heat Transfers - It's a Jungle in Here

Animals of all types have been and continue to be an extremely popular source for iron-on heat transfer designs. Our hundreds of designs feature not only the exotic, like sinewy jungle cats and charging elephants, but beloved household pets, including many different breeds of dogs and cats. We offer iron-on heat transfers showcasing marine animals, farm animals, game wildlife, and unique pets such as frogs and snakes, in styles ranging from realistic depictions of animals in their natural habitats to stylized or even abstract designs and patterns. In our massive selection of iron-on heat transfers, you're guaranteed to find the perfect designs to suit the animal lovers amongst your customers.

Please Don't Use a Home Iron on a Pro World Iron-On Heat Transfer

Professional-grade iron-on heat transfers should never be applied with a household iron, as it simply can't generate the necessary heat and pressure, and can't apply heat evenly, all of which results in poorly-affixed transfers, ruined product, wasted time, and lost revenue. All of our iron-on heat transfers require a heat transfer machine for proper application. Please follow the following link to learn more about why we strongly recommend you never use a household iron with our iron-on heat transfers. We offer a comprehensive line of professional heat press machines created specifically for applying Pro World iron-on heat transfers, ranging from machines perfect for the beginner or hobbyist, to heavier-duty machines for the experienced operator.

Your #1 Source, and a Great Resource

We pride ourselves on not only being your number one source for iron-on heat transfers and t-shirt printing supplies and equipment, but also as a resource providing helpful information on how to succeed in the imprinted sportswear industry. If you're starting a t-shirt business, you can take advantage of our more than 30 years in the industry and read our general information about iron-on heat transfers. We also offer specific information about how to apply the many varieties of heat transfer, and iron-on heat transfer troubleshooting. And if you don't find the information you're looking for on our site, please feel free to contact our Pro World customer service department.