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Samsung Note4 Case With Backplate

Samsung Note4 Case With Backplate

What could be better then having one of the latest electronic devices? Having a customized case to show it off! These hard plastic Samsung Note4 cases are ideal for adding logo's, pictures, or a sentimental message to make it stand out. Perfect for gifting as well. These phone cases comes with a permanent adhesive backplate and are available in different colors.

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Plastic with Metal Plate
Samsung Note4
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  • Application Instructions

    1. Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Set timer to 1 minute (60 seconds).
    3. Set Pressure at medium.
    4. Remove protective film from product (backing plate).
    5. Print a mirror image onto Texprint Paper. Image should be larger than the substrate.
    6. Place the substrate face down on the transfer paper and tape the paper to the substrate using transfer release tape.
    7. Put a blank sheet of paper on heat press platen to keep it clean.
    8. Place substrate face down on the heat press (metal surface up).
    9. Cover with a non stick sheet.
    10. Press at 400 degrees F for 1-3 minutes with medium pressure
    11. Remove immediately from press once finished and peel hot.
    12. When backplate is cool, remove the paper covering the adhesive on the case.
    13. Align the backplate within the indentation and adhere to phone case.
    Click Here For Video Instructions
  • Explaining PhoneCases with Adhesive Backing
    Printing a Phone Backplate with Sublimation
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    Granddaughter loves it Review by Sheila Robinson
    My granddaughter had me put a doggie on it and she absolutely loves it. So far it's been a week and nothing gone wrong. She has that phone attached to her Good quality product. (Posted on 8/3/18)
    Note 4 case Review by Ruben
    he case is sturdy, not all flimsy. The backplate adheres nice and flush, no edge to pull up. Subbed beautifully, great price too. (Posted on 2/24/17)