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Galaxy Elite Cutter Starter Package

Galaxy Elite Cutter Starter Package

Starting at only $635! (List Price: $672)
Get started with our popular bundle package and save over $37. (compared to purchasing items separately).

For just $635, you can get the basics to get you started working with both heat transfer vinyl and adhesive sign vinyl. This package includes the Galaxy Elite 15" cutter, 3 colors of heat transfer vinyl, 3 colors of adhesive sign vinyl, oracal tape, squeegee, weeding tool, and a non-stick sheet.

Galaxy Elite 15" Cutter

The Galaxy Elite 15" vinyl cutter is the mid range professional grade vinyl cutter that includes Dragon Cut Software and able to contour cut. It is a desktop cutter driven by stepper motors. With a maximum clearance of 19.3", this cutter is perfect for running 15" vinyl which is widely available in the marketplace. Perfect for running heat transfer material which commonly comes in 15" width.

Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl

You get a start up pack of our most popular Siser Easyweed heat transfer vinyl. This package includes a roll of red, white, and black to get you up and running on your first custom vinyl project.

Oracal 651 Adhesive Sign Vinyl

You get a start up pack of our most popular Oracal 651 permanent glossy sign vinyl. This package includes a roll of azure blue, white, and black - just enough to get you started.

And Loads Of Accessories

And to top it all of you will get treasure trove of accessories to round out your package which will include a weeding tool, a non-stick sheet, a squeegee, a siser color guide, and oracal tape. Everything you need to get started in garment and sign vinyl.

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  • Product Details

    Galaxy Elite 15" Cutter Features:
    • Motor: Stepper
    • Maximum Cutting Width (mm): 400
    • Maximum Media Width (mm): 490
    • Measurements (cm): 73 x 33 x 32
    • Gross Weight (kg): 14
    • Net Weight (kg): 12
    • Feed System: Direct Pull
    • Construction: Aluminum Alloy, ABS End Caps
    • Maximum Drawing Speed (mm/s): 800
    • Maximum Cutting Speed (mm/s): 800
    • Control System: Stepper Motor
    • Power (w): 40
    • Tracking: Long Length, Micro Spike Grit Rollers
    • Maximum Force (g): 510
    • Maximum Force Increment (g/step): 2
    • Mechanical Resolution (mm/pulse): .0254
    • Connections: RS-232, USB
    • Power Supply: AC 110V-240V / 50-60HZ 6A
    • Maximum Noise (dB (A)): 65
    • Ambient Temperature Range °C: 5 - 35
    • Command Language: HPGL
    • Media: Release liner backed materials
    • Pen Included: Yes
    • Included Blades: 30°, 45°, 60°
    • Packaging: Machine in carton box
    • Computer Connection: True USB, no driver needed, direct connection to USB Printer
    • Carriage Type: Cutting head with 4 wheels
    • Contour Cutting: Laser target, semi-manual
    • Straight Line Speed (mm/s): 12 - 800
    • Curve Speed (mm/s): 12 - 300
    • Motor Speed (RPM): 0 - 3500
    • 0-3000 RPM Time Idle Load (milliseconds): 20
    • 0-3000 RPM Time Working Load (milliseconds): 1200
    • Encoder Signal Physical (line / round): 1016
    • Encoder Signal Logical (line / round): 4060
    • Processor (bits): 16
    • Processor Flash (M): 0
    • Accuracy (±mm): .01
    • Repeating Precision (mm): .082
    • Stand Availability: Desktop
    • Basket Availability: No
    • Standard Warranty: 2 Year Parts And Labor
    • Perf Cut Capable: No
    • CE Certification: Yes
    • Color: Black / Black
    • Flip Up Top: Yes
    • Enhanced Frame Rigidity: Yes
    • Tangential Drive Rollers: Yes
    • Enhanced Carriage Strength: Yes
    • Compatibility PC: XP, Vista, 7-32, 7-64, 8-32, 8-64
    • Compatible Software PC: SignCut, DragonCut, Flexi, ArtCut, VinylMaster, WinPC Sign
    • Compatibility MAC: Yes
    • Compatible Software MAC: SignCut
  • Application Instructions

    • 100% cotton, Poly/cotton blends, 100% polyester, Leather.
    • Cut in reverse
    • Weed excess material
    • Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
    • Apply design at 305°F/150°C
    • Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds
    • Peel carrier hot or cold
    • Wait 24 hours before first wash.

    Application Instructions

    • 100% cotton, Poly/cotton blends, 100% polyester
    • Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen
    • Cover design with Kraft paper or non-stick cover sheet
    • Place on flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended)
    • Press iron with medium/firm pressure (do not slide iron)
    • Press each section of design for 10-15 seconds
    • If areas of design lift after application, replace cover sheet and re-press for 5-10 seconds
    • Peel carrier hot or cold
    • Wait 24 hours before first wash.

    Application Instructions

    • Feed material into cutter so that the vinyl side is face up.
    • Suggested blade is 45 degrees.
    • Suggested force is 120gf.
    • Design and cut your graphic. (Do NOT mirror image).
    • Weed away excess material using tweezers or weeding tool.
    • Cut a piece of application tape to the size of your design.
    • Peel the backing off the application tape, and apply adhesive side of the tape to the vinyl.
    • Rub across the application tape and vinyl with a squeegee to remove any air bubbles.
    • Use one of the following installation techniques for application:
      Basic Hinge Method - Center Hinge Method
  • How To Use Dragon Cut
    How To Setup A Cutter & Dragon Cut
    How to Contour Cut With Dragon Cut
    Advanced Coutour Cutting With Dragon Cut
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