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T-Shirt Heat Transfers

Over 10,000 T-Shirt Heat Transfers

Offering a greater selection of t-shirt heat transfers than anyone in the imprinted sportswear industry, plus t-shirt transfer paper for printing professional-quality custom designs on thermal, laser, or inkjet printers, Pro World is the premier supplier to the retail t-shirt printing industry. In our 30+ years in business, we've learned that the best way to succeed on any level, from a business-to-business supplier to the retail printing shop, is to offer the best variety of t-shirt heat transfers, providing designs that will appeal to a spectrum of customers, no matter what their interest. We offer more than 10,000 designs, with virtually every subject imaginable represented in image, text, or both. Go ahead and take a moment to browse our extensive catalog of t-shirt heat transfers, transfer paper, and t-shirt printing supplies and equipment.

T-Shirt Transfer Paper for Custom Designs

Professional-grade iron-on transfer paper provides the opportunity for you to offer custom designs on your computer and print high-quality t-shirt heat transfers with your inkjet, thermal, or laser printer. Whether it's to celebrate a local event, to personalize a garment with a customer's name, or to offer your own custom designs, the ability to create t-shirt heat transfers using t-shirt transfer paper from Pro World provides avenues to increasing revenue that are only limited by your imagination. In addition to offering custom designs, t-shirt and iron-on transfer paper allows you the flexibility to customize popular stock transfers and deliver a high-quality, personalized product. For example, you could customize one of our popular firefighter t-shirt heat transfers to include the name and number of your local station or stations, or you could add design to a stock sports transfer to celebrate a local school team's success. Aided by a little creativity, the possibilities provided by iron-on transfer paper are virtually endless.

New and Top-Selling T-Shirt Heat Transfers

Another way to succeed in the imprinted sportswear industry is by always keeping an eye on the marketplace, and making sure to stock all the latest designs and hot sellers. Be sure to check for our most popular t-shirt heat transfers, which are updated regularly. This is a showcase of our top-selling heat transfers by frequency of sales, and will keep you in the loop on national trends. In addition, make sure your design stock is fresh by paying attention to our new t-shirt heat transfers, featuring just-released hot designs that keep you ahead of the game. It's also extremely important to attractively display your t-shirt heat transfers: a great idea is to showcase a few shirts with designs printed on them so people can get a feel for the finished products, then display all of your available heat transfers in appealing heat transfer floor, wall, or binder display materials. We offer a full range of display materials to help you optimize your sales.

Purchase Only the T-Shirt Heat Transfers You Need

Another benefit we offer our customers is that we require no minimum order on t-shirt heat transfers. This enables you to affordably offer a wider variety of options to your customers, without worrying about overstocking designs. We stock all the latest and great transfer paper for t-shirts so you can keep your inventory up to date, while allowing you to add designs to your selection at very little risk or expense. And we make ordering easy: you can order t-shirt heat transfers, iron-on transfer paper, or any of our t-shirt printing supplies or equipment directly from the web site using our online ordering system, via email, by phone, by fax, or by mail. Click the link to view t-shirt heat transfers and accessories ordering information.

Club Pro World

Club Pro World is a way for us to reward our loyal customers with discounts on t-shirt heat transfers, transfer accessories, and much more. Club Pro World members also enjoy a 2% annual rebate, member-only sales on t-shirt heat transfers, iron-on transfer paper, and accessories, free UPS ground shipping on qualifying orders, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on t-shirt heat transfers. And it's risk free: if you're not completely satisfied with your Club Pro World membership, let us know within 30 days of joining and we'll return your entire membership fee (less any discounts you've received). Please follow the link to view Club Pro World's Terms and Conditions. To learn more or to join, please visit the Club Pro World Information Page.

Over 30 Years of Supplying the Imprinted Sportswear Industry

Since 1974, Pro World has been supplying members of the imprinted sportswear industry with professional quality t-shirt heat transfers, t-shirt transfer paper, heat transfer machines, and t-shirt printing supplies and accessories. With our winning combination of more transfers than anyone else in the business along with our excellent and knowledgeable customer service, we've supplied professional heat transfer products to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. If you have any trouble finding the t-shirt heat transfers you're looking for, or have any questions about any of our equipment, supplies, or accessories, please don't hesitate to contact Pro World customer service.