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T-Shirt Transfer Machine

How to Pick a T-Shirt Transfer Machine

We can help you pick the t-shirt transfer printer that's right for you. If you are new to the industry or just thinking about starting a t-shirt business, then the first place you'll want to go is to our helpful online help and FAQ section. You'll find application instructions, important definitions, and even a troubleshooting guide for working with your t-shirt transfer machine. Once you've familiarized yourself with the basics, then the next place to look at is each t-shirt transfer press. See below to read more about each type of t-shirt transfer machine that we currently carry:

  • 3.5"X6.5" Cap Transfer Press
    Our cap transfer press is the smallest sized press that we offer. Though we call it a cap press, that doesn't mean you still can't use it as a t-shirt transfer machine. However, you are limited to the amount of surface area you can use for a transfer. But if you're just working with really small transfers, then this is the perfect t-shirt transfer machine for you. It's great to use on hats and baseball caps, but you can also use it for embellishing pockets, monogramming, or applying small logos to various garments. Dimensions are as follows: 9" X 16" X 16".

  • 15"X15" T-Shirt Transfer Machine
    Measuring 15 inches by 15 inches, this basic t-shirt transfer printer is suitable for regular and youth-sized garments. It's compatible with any type of t-shirt iron on (included computer-generated), as long as the iron-on is the right size. It's also one of our most lightweight and compact printers. This t-shirt transfer machine is a great entry-level machine. A limited warranty is included. Dimensions are as follows: 17" X 24" X 12".

  • 16"X20" T-Shirt Transfer Machine
    Our 16 inch by 20 inch t-shirt transfer machine is just like our smaller model described above, except that it's larger and a little bit heavier. The larger size of this machine means that it can cover more surface area. This makes it ideal for handling extra-large iron-on transfers as well as oversized garments. A limited warranty is included. Dimensions are as follows: 17" X 30" X 19".

  • 16"X20" Hotronix Air Swinger 16X20
    Though it's the same size as our other 16" by 20" t-shirt transfer press, the Hotronix Air Swinger is unique because it's designed to print with more pressure than any other t-shirt transfer printer in the industry. So if you're going to be using heavy materials like sweatshirts, thick fleeces, jeans, or jackets, then this is the t-shirt transfer printer for you. It's the only one that's able to apply the extra pressure needed to make a truly high-quality seal on extra-thick fabrics. It also features a 999-second timer that makes it ideal for printing sublimation transfers.

T-Shirt Transfer Machine Supplies

Are you looking to start your own t-shirt business or fund-raising effort? Then you've come to the right place. Pro World has a t-shirt transfer machine for every type of printing need- t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and more. In fact, we're the #1 online source for wholesale iron-on transfers and t-shirt printing supplies. Each t-shirt press machine is strictly professional-grade and is designed to work with all of our t-shirt iron-ons and transfer papers. You'll want be sure to use a real t-shirt transfer printer and not a home iron: home irons are incompatible with most professional wholesale iron-ons.

Once you've purchased your t-shirt transfer machine, then the next step is to stock up on supplies. We also carry a variety of handy t-shirt printing supplies to get your business started:

  • T-Shirt Iron-On Transfers
    We are the #1 online store for stock iron-on transfers! Choose from thousands of different designs today- they're all compatible with almost any t-shirt transfer machine.
  • Custom Iron-On Transfer Paper
    If you want to design your own t-shirts, then check out our custom iron-on transfer paper. It's compatible with almost all printer types, from inkjet to color laser printers.
  • Display Materials
    Owning a t-shirt transfer machine also means putting your transfer designs on display. Check out these convenient methods for showcasing your inventory.
  • Other Product Ideas
    Just because you own a t-shirt transfer machine doesn't mean you only have to print t-shirts. We also sell canvas tote bags, mouse pads, puzzles, and more.

View all the additional model-specific features offered by our individual t-shirt and cap heat presses.

Save on a Pro World T-Shirt Transfer Machine

Not only will we have the right kind of t-shirt transfer machine for your garment printing needs, but we also have the high quality merchandise and low wholesale prices you're looking for. Additionally, each t-shirt transfer printer comes in a startup saving package, where if you buy a certain quantity of iron-on transfers, then we'll bundle the entire purchase together so you save extra on your new t-shirt transfer machine. Buying a t-shirt transfer press from Pro World means buying quality.

There are many benefits to owning your own t-shirt transfer press. One of the main advantages, however, is having more control over your inventory, and in turn, the costs of maintaining that inventory. If you own your own t-shirt transfer printer, then you'll no longer be dependent on third-party printers that require order minimums each time you want to make a purchase. With no order minimums, that means that you can keep a huge inventory of garment samples or iron-on transfers on display- but then fulfill orders only after they've been received. With a t-shirt transfer machine, you can carry more products and sell more than ever before, all without the requirement of a huge up front investment.

If you are ready to start your t-shirt printing business, visit the t-shirt iron-on or transfer machine sections of our site, or request a Pro World catalog.