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Forever Flex-Soft Variety Pack

Flex Soft (No-Cut) is a color coated 'film' that requires no weeding or trimming. Simply print onto the foil using a Laser Printer in black only. The final color of the print will be whatever color the Flex Soft is! This variety pack allows you to sample each of the metallic colors.

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8.5" X 11"
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Flex-Soft Silver Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Silver Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft Yellow Gold Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Yellow Gold Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft Blue Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Blue Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft Bronze Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Bronze Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft Green Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Green Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft Lilac Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Lilac Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft Red Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft Red Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00
Flex-Soft White Gold Metallic 8.5X11 *
Flex-Soft White Gold Metallic 8.5X11   +$0.00

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    • 8 metallic colors available
    • Available in 8.5"x11" sheets
    • Suitable for Cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends, Nylon, Polypropylene, Paper/Wood
    • No Cutting or Weeding required
    • For Black/White or CMYK Laser/LED Printers and Copiers
    • Intricate, detailed and distressed designs are easily achieved with this product.
  • Forever Flex For Light and Dark Color Garments Application Instructions


    1. Design or select your image on the computer.
    2. Print the image in reverse/mirrored format on the coated side (cloudy in appearance, not shiny) using a heavy paper mode on the A-Foil.
    3. Trim the A-Foil paper down about 1cm smaller.
    4. Set heat press at 266-275 F degrees with medium-heavy pressure.
    5. Pre-heat bottom pad of the heat press until it is hot.
    6. Place 1-2 sheets of copy paper on the lower pad to protect the pad.
    7. Place the trimmed A-Foil in the middle of the bottom pad (printed side face up).
    8. Place the B-Paper Low Temp on top of the A-Foil (coated side face down, yellow writing facing you).
    9. Cover everything with 1-2 sheets of copy paper. (do not use non-stick sheet).
    10. Press the A-Foil and B-Paper together at 266-275 F for 90 seconds at medium to heavy pressure.
    11. Remove copy paper and rub the back of the media for 5-10 seconds with a cloth.
    12. Separate the B-Paper form the A-Foil in a slow and low motion while still on the bottom pad of the heat press. (the B-Paper will leave a white coating on the ink).
    13. Cut around the A-Foil paper to remove the excess coating frame left behind by the B-Paper.
    14. Position the A-Foil on the garment with the printed side facing down. The shiny color side will be facing you.
    15. Cover with a sheet of silicone paper.
    16. Press cotton tee at 275-310 F for 30 seconds with medium to heavy pressure. Refer to the Textile chart (Table 2) for other garment types and their suggested settings.
    17. Set the shirt aside to cool completely.
    18. Separate the A-foil from the garment by rolling the A-Foil in a slow low motion.
    19. Cover the image with the silicone sheet and repress for 30 seconds using the same temperature as the previous step.
    20. Remove silicone sheet while hot.

    Tips & Notes

    Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for damaged caused by misuse of this paper.

    Material Temp Time Pressure
    Cotton 275° - 310°F 30 sec. Heavy
    Polyester 275°F 30 sec. Heavy
    Polypropylen 212° 20 sec. Medium
    Blend Fabric 266° - 320°F 30 sec. Heavy
    Paper/Carton 212°F 15 sec. Medium
    Book Covers 230°F 15 sec. Medium

  • Forever Flex-Soft (no-cut) Transfer Material
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    Forever Flex Soft Review by Angie Dykes
    This product is wonderful. You definitely need to make sure to use heavy pressure through the entire process. (Posted on 4/25/20)