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Starting A T-shirt Business

Starting Your Own T-Shirt Business with Pro World

If you're thinking of starting a t-shirt business, one of the first things you'll want to consider is how to handle your inventory requirements. Do you want to order direct-printed garments from a third party manufacturer, or instead buy a heat press startup kit to manage and create your own inventory? At Pro World, we definitely think the latter option is the better one when it comes to starting your own t-shirt business. There are so many advantages to owning your own heat transfer equipment, in terms of both time as well as money. Here's why buying a heat press startup kit from Pro World can make starting a t-shirt business easier than ever:

  • Better Inventory Control:
    You won't depend on third-party fulfillment to create t-shirts when you need them, and you also won't be required to order excess inventory in each style type.
  • Save on Labor Costs:
    You have the power to create t-shirts and garments yourself instead.
  • Showcase a Wider Range of Designs:
    Most direct-garment printers have a minimum order size per style. But if you create your own garments, then you can showcase a wider variety of styles, without having to stock multiple pieces of each style.
  • Save on Stock Inventory Costs:
    Instead of being forced to build up excess stock, you can keep reasonable inventory levels, creating additional t-shirts only after they've been ordered.
  • Heat Press Startup Kit Savings:
    Starting a t-shirt business can be expensive, but we'll help you save on your heat press startup kit from Pro World! If you purchase a bulk amount of stock inventory transfers at the same time as your new heat transfer machine, we'll bundle them together so you can save even more than before.
  • Wholesale Iron On Transfer Discounts:
    All sales of iron-on transfers and iron-on transfer paper feature quantity discounts, so the more you buy- the more you save!
  • Club Pro World Membership:
    Starting a t-shirt business is even cheaper if you're Club Pro World Member. Join Club Pro World and get premium savings on stock inventory transfers and transfer paper, plus rebates, free shipping deals, members-only promotions, and more.

    If you're a beginner, never fear: the Pro World web site is full of fabulous resources for anyone who is starting a t-shirt business. Be sure to check out our online help and FAQ section, containing all the facts you need to learn about iron-on transfers and starting your own t-shirt business. From application instructions for working with different types of iron-on transfers to a troubleshooting guide that can help you resolve different problems, our site is full of resources that can help take some of the worry out of starting a t-shirt business. We even have a section of t-shirt marketing ideas for starting a t-shirt business.

Products for Starting A T-Shirt Business

Pro World sells a variety of essential heat press supplies for starting your own t-shirt business. With over 9,000 heat press transfers to choose from, we're the #1 online source for iron-on transfers. If you're starting a t-shirt business and still aren't quite sure what kind of inventory you want to feature, then be sure to check out our exciting selection. We have every possible theme for starting a t-shirt business: animals, holiday, vintage, collectible, religious, decorative, seasonal, and so much more. With such a huge inventory, you're sure to find the perfect niche for starting a t-shirt business. Be sure to checkout our top-selling iron on transfers page for more ideas on starting a t-shirt business.

Starting a t-shirt business doesn't mean you have to use our stock transfers, however, you can also design your own custom iron-on transfers, and then print them onto our wholesale heat transfer paper. Starting a t-shirt business with custom transfers is something that caters to a variety of individuals and organizations! Custom transfers work great for fashion designers, sports teams, school-related groups, community organizations, corporate logos for businesses, monogramming, fundraising efforts, music groups, and so much more. One thing you'll want to double check when starting your own t-shirt business is that you have design software, and also that your printer is compatible with our paper types. To learn more about starting a t-shirt business with custom transfer designs, just check out the extensive guidelines within our paper inventory selection.

If you're starting a t-shirt business, then one of the first things you'll need is a heat press machine and heat transfer equipment. Depending on the type of garment you're working with, we have a heat press machine to fit your unique needs. All of our heat transfer machines come also come bundled into a convenient heat press startup kit that includes a discounted machine when you purchase a set amount of iron-on transfers. Check out the specific product description for each machine to see how you can save on starting a t-shirt business today.

Starting a t-shirt business is also easy with our iron-on transfer display materials. These can help you showcase all of your custom designs, making it easy for customers to choose and order garments. And even if you're starting a t-shirt business, t-shirts aren't the only thing you have to sell. We also feature additional heat-press supplies for creating unique merchandise such as tote bags, mouse pads, magnetic business cards, puzzles, and more. Expand your inventory from just starting a t-shirt business to including a comprehensive array of unique products.