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Smart Designer Pro Software

Smart Designer Pro 2018 is our newest generation of add-on software for CorelDRAW X8, 2017 and 2018. Smart Designer Pro 2018 seamlessly blends into CorelDRAW. The software adds over 150 design and production features to CorelDRAW that automate and simplify the process of art production. Instead of learning complex production and design steps, Smart Designer Pro does the work for you. Smart Designer Pro was created for both the novice and expert CorelDRAW user. Smart Designer Pro is the core component of the Digital Art Solutions Graphics System.

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    Smart Designer is an add-on design software that blends seamlessly into CorelDRAW X8, 2017 or 2018. Smart Designer includes over 150 features designed to automate and simplify the design and production of graphics. Smart Designer turns CorelDRAW into a powerful and user friendly graphics system specifically for the apparel decoration, sign, awards and promotional products industries.

    • Access And Edit Templates And Clip Art With Ease - The industry's best artwork is at your finger tips. Easily locate clipart from a keyword database or browse through interactive design templates from Digital Art Solutions art volumes.
    • Add Visual Value To Your Graphics - Smart Designer includes over 1,000 visual effects including weathered effects, outline effects, arches, circle text, athletic tails, and bitmap effects.
    • Simplify The Design Process - Access thousands of interactive design templates from Digital Art Solutions templates volumes. Creating completely customize production-ready graphics in seconds, not hours.
    • Produce The Widest Range Of Graphics - Includes design and productions tools for screen printing, direct to garment printing, sublimation, digital printing vinyl cutting, heat transfers, laser engraving, appliqué and more.
    • Reduce Art Production Time - If your machines are running, you aren't make money. By reducing and eliminating the complex steps required for producing graphics, Smart Designer can reduce your art production time by up to 90%.
    • Increase Sales With Virtual Sample Technology - Generate sales sheets and proposal dynamically using the industry's premier virtual sample technology. Graphics can be mocked up on product templates and sales sheets can be produced in seconds.
    • Tap Into The Industry Best Training Program - Your success is assured with hours of interactive training videos, a step-by-step training guide, free weekly webinars and access to our exclusive Smart Designer's owners website.
    • Stay Productive With Personalized Support - The Digital Art Solutions dedicated technical support staff is there to help you stay out of trouble. Our in-house staff of experts uses state of the art technology to diagnose and fix support issues.

    Software Features:

    Tutorials and PDF Files
    • Tutorials and PDF Files: Access interactive video tutorials and play them directly inside Smart Designer with Windows Media Player. Access PDF training documents and DAS PDF image catalogs.
    • Online Tutorials: Access videos from the Digital Art Solutions Youtube channel.
    • Training Guide: Access the PDF Training Guide. Templates
    • Select Templates: Creates designs automatically by combining text, clip art and stock layouts.
    • Edit Current Art as Template: Edit any design as a Smart Template and easily edit or change text values or clip art.
    • Virtual Samples: Place a selected design on a product template and create a PDFsales sheet.
    • Page Background: Adds background color page.
    • Install Templates: Install templates with CD Copier function.
    Tails and Layouts
    • Create Athletic Tails: Instantly create athletic tails including automatic welding of intersecting paths and integrated text effects.
    • Layout Designer: Automatically create custom layouts.
    • Create Class Names: Inserts a list of class names into a number, year or shape.
    • Create Player Names: Creates layouts for player or team names.
    • Calender Wizard: Opens Corel Calender Wizard macro.
    Clipart and Graphics
    • Access Clipart Browser: Manages all clipart content on your computer including special importing features and keyword search capabilities.
    • Access Favorites Docker: Search for clipart by keyword or browse clipart for convenient access.
    • Access Corel CONNECT: Access the Corel CONNECT content management docker.
    • Access Tray: Access the Corel CONNECT content management tray.
    • Create Clipart Book: Create custom clipart booklets.
    • Load 3D Express: Opens 3D Express software.
    • Load 3D Express Docker: Opens 3D Express docker.
    • Install Clipart: Install clipart with CD copier function.
    • Scrap Docker: Save and access frequently used files.
    • Favorites Docker: Save and access favorite files.
    • Corel CONNECT: Open Corel Connect.
    • Access Tray: Opens Corel Connect tray.
    • Delayed Screen Capture: Create a screen capture with a delay for positioning graphics or windows.
    • Launch Corel Capture: Launch the Corel Capture screen capture utility program.
    • Graphics Cast: Opens Graphics Cast download feature for Campus Apparel Marketing System subscribers.
    Quick Commands
    • Quick Commands: Access popular design and editing functions within a tiled docker optimized for touch screens.
    Color Manipulation Docker
    • To Pantone: Converts all colors in a design to Pantone colors.
    • Swap Colors: Swap or merge colors in a design.
    • Reduce Colors: Interactively reduce colors in a design.
    • Color Picker: Apply colors from a selected object.
    • Convert to Specific Palette: Automatically converts colors in a design to a designated color palette.
    • Consolidate Blacks: Automatically consolidate multiple variations of black in a design into a single color of black.
    • Convert to Print White: Automatically convert all white objects in a design to a spot white that can be screen printed.
    • Convert to RGB Red: Convert all red objects in a design to RGB red.
    • Posterize Colors: Reduce colors using posterization.
    • Convert to Grey: Re-color multicolor objects into a grayscale image.
    • Convert to Black and White: Re-color multicolor objects into a black and white image.
    Color Management and Conversion
    • Color Profiles: Set preferences for CorelDRAW’s color management system.
    • Print Color Charts: Print popular color charts.
    • Color Palettes: Easily load custom color palettes from popular screen print ink suppliers or specific palettes for popular hardware systems.
    • Save Settings as Defaults: Save current settings as defaults and save a custom workspace.
    • Save Custom Workspace: Save current workspace.
    Sizing and Arranging
    • Size Design: Instantly resize any logo or design to a specific product size.
    • Size Design to Page: Instantly resize a design to the page.
    • Page to Design: Instantly resize a page to a design.
    • Quick Margins: Instantly setup page margins.
    • Gang Multiple Copies: Gang-up multiple copies of a design or logo for output.
    • Flip For Transfers: Mirror design for heat transfer production.
    • Selection Docker: Select objects or text by attributes.
    Effects Text Effects
    • Circle Text Effects: Create circle text effects.
    • Envelopes and Arches: Automatically create arches or enveloped effects.
    • Vertical Text: Automatically convert horizontal lines of text to stacked letters in a vertical format.
    Object Cleanup
    • Reset Text on Path: Reset text on path that has become detached. Clear Effects: Remove CorelDRAW effects.
    • Clear Corel Transformations: Remove transformations.
    Effects Dockers Quick Fills Docker
    • Preset Fills: Instantly create dynamic fountain fill effects from selected objects.
    • Patterns: Add artistic patterns to selected objects. PowerClips: Add PowerClip effects to selected objects.
    • Texture Effects: Add texture effects to selected objects. Vectors: Add vector fill patterns to selected objects.
    • Outline: Automatically create complex text effects including inlines, outlines and drop shadows for printing or cutting.
    • Soft Bevel: Instantly create soft bevel effects.
    • Highlight Effect: Instantly create highlight effects.
    • Presets: Instantly create dynamic vector and rendered bitmap effects.
    • Outlines and Shadows: Automatically create interactive drop shadow and outline effects.
    • Stitch Effect: Create a simulated embroidery effect. Edge Effects: Create circular and square edge effects.
    • Overlays Docker: Instantly apply a variety of weathered-looking overlay patterns to any graphic.
    • Edges and Borders Docker: Instantly apply a styled border to an object. Instantly apply bitmap effects to vector objects to create frames or borders.
    Object Shaping
    • Fast Weld: Instantly weld intersecting paths in objects including script text and athletic tails.
    • Fast Trim: Instantly trim intersecting paths through each other to remove intersecting paths.
    • Split Front: Create split front layouts with overlapping seams.
    Object Cleanup Docker
    • Objects: Convert any basic object into a fully editable shape.
    • Text Cleanup: Replaces selected objects with text in the same size and proportion.
    • Remove Object Detail: Clean up vector artwork by selecting an object(s) and automatically convert it to a perfect square, circle or ellipse. Typeset text by automatically replacing individual letters or lines of traced text with a live font.
    • Onion Skin: Creates a simulated Onion Skin overlay for tracing or drawing images.
    Object Modifications
    • Remove Control Curves: Removes control curves used for text on a path from design to prepare image for cutting.
    • Convert Text to Curves: Converts all text in a design to curves.
    • Convert Fills to Curves: Converts Power Clip fills into cuttable vector objects.
    • Remove Trace Outline: Removes white outlines from images traced in Corel Power Trace.
    Color Separations Docker
    • Create Flash Base: Creates color separations with an underbase and white highlights on both vector and bitmap images for screen printing or direct to garment printing on dark garments.
    • Trap Colors: Automatic trapping of colors for spot color separations. Insert Sep Marks: Insert separation marks for printing or cutting.
    Cutting Tools Docker
    • Create Contour: Automatically creates a cuttable contour around a vector graphic for print and cut applications.
    • Weed Borders: Automatically creates segmented “weed” borders for easy removal of excess material from vinyl graphics.
    • Convert to Stroke: Converts non-cuttable bitmap outlines to cuttable contour lines with trapping options (overlap).
    Printing and Cutting
    • Remove Overprints: Remove overprinted fills and outlines from selected object(s).
    • Insert Job Number: Insert a user-defined job number and/or bar code into a document for archiving purposes.
    • Insert Job Logo: Insert a company logo into a document. Insert QR Code: Creates QR bar code.
    • Place Grommets: Creates simulated grommets for banners.
    • Halftone Wizard: Apply a halftone dot type, frequency and angle to a group of objects or selected objects with spot colors.
    • Document Halftone Size: Apply a halftone dot size globally to every spot color in a document.
    Manage Files and Fonts
    • System Cleanup: Opens Windows disk cleanup utility program.
    • Backup and Restore: Utility program for backing up all DAS content including templates, clipart, fonts, videos tutorials and product blanks.
    • Corel Explorer: View and access Corel and Digital Art Solutions clipart, fonts and templates.
    • File Converter: Opens Corel File Converter macro.
    • Corel Font Manager: Launches Corel Font Manager in CorelDRAW X8 and 2017.

    System Requirements:

    To insure efficient operation of Smart Designer, your computer must have sufficient power to run your Windows operating system and CorelDRAW®. The recommended system requirements for Smart Designer are higher than the requirements for CorelDRAW.

    CorelDRAW X8, 2017 or 2018
    Smart Designer requires an installed version of CorelDRAW X8, 2017 or 2018. The software is compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of CorelDRAW.

    CorelDRAW Home and Student Editions and Academic Editions
    Smart Designer Pro requires Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in order to function. For this reason, Smart Designer Pro is not compatible with the Home and Student editions of CorelDRAW which do not include VBA. Smart Designer Pro is compatible with the Academic editions.

    Operating System
    • Windows 7, all versions including 32-bit and 64-bit versions with latest service packs
    • Windows 8.1, all versions including 32-bit and 64-bit versions with latest service packs
    • Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit version with latest service packs
    • Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD AthlonTM 64 or AMD OpteronTM 2.0 Ghz or higher processor is recommended.
    • 4 Gigabytes. 8 Gigabytes is recommended for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
    Video Card/Monitor
    • Must be capable of displaying 1024 x 768 resolution.
    Free Hard Drive Space 2 Gigabyte Total
    • 1.5 Gb for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and content. 1 Gb for Smart Designer Pro and content.
    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9 or higher
    • Microsoft® Windows Media Player 10 or higher

    Ready Art Vol. 1:

    • Smart Templates come in both black and white and color.
    • Output images in a single color or multi-color using built-in spot color separations.
    • Search for images by keyword with Smart Designer 12 and newer.
    • Professional starting points we call Smart Templates allow you to deliver high-end custom graphics in a fraction of the time.
    • All images are vector based so they can be resized without lose of quality.
    • Ideal for vinyl cutting, screen printing, routing, embroidery digitizing, glass etching, engraving, digital transfers, and large-format digital printing.
    • Smart Templates: A Smart Template is a design composed of graphical elements, text, and a stock layout. Each template can be fully customized and modified in either CorelDRAW or Illustrator to create unlimited variations. Smart Designer owners can edit the templates interactively.
    • Vector Illustrations: There is a big difference in style and quality between our vector illustrations and traditional clipart images. Our vector illustrations start out as pen and ink drawings and are translated into complex vector graphics. Some of the illustrations have over 10 hours of production time involved in their creation.
    • Hand Drawn Fonts: Great designs use great fonts. Our TrueType fonts are at the cutting edge of graphical styles for apparel decoration. Each font can be used independently or modified within design templates. They include sets for both Mac and Windows.
    • Product Blanks: The key to creating impactful virtual samples and sales proposals is effective product blanks. Each product blank can be easily modified to create limitless color combinations. Popular apparel items, headwear and promotional products are included.
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    Awesome software Review by Magdalena Velez
    Wow this software its really a life saver when it comes to design and specially when you don't have the time, this is so much easier & better specially for me than I'm very busy this time a year with my business, very happy with this software :) very worth it. (Posted on 10/18/17)
    So much easier!! Review by Mary Wilson
    I struggled trying to make designs and watched tons of videos on Corel and didn't seem to get much better at it. I bought Smart designer and now my customers think I have a professional graphic artist, little do they know it's just me working from my house:) Art is so much easier to do and looks so much better now! I love this program, it's easy and was a bit hard to swallow the expense but it was worth every dollar!! (Posted on 1/12/17)
    QCFdPaMaP Review by fKJSVRkLQ
    doors.txt;2;4 (Posted on 12/10/16)
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