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  1. Chemica Darklite Vinyl By The Yard 15"

    Chemica Darklite Vinyl By The Yard 15"

    Blacklight photo-luminescent polyurethane material for heat transfer applications. Suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers. This product has a glow in the dark effect. 14.5" +/- width may vary in size.

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    Per Yard
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    • 1 Colors
    • Matte
    • Layer 3 Colors
    • Most Fabrics
  2. Siser Brick 600 Vinyl

    Siser Brick 600 Vinyl

    The Thickest Heat Transfer Vinyl Available! Not everyone is looking for the thinnest materials available. Sometimes a design calls for a thicker material. Well, we have it for you... all 600 Microns of it! It's called Brick™ and it's a thick, flexible material designed for smaller logos and designs and adds an extra dimension to your garments. Next time you feel your design is just too flat, consider giving it some dimension with Brick™ by Siser! Brick is CPSIA Certified, so it's perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories.

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    Per Yard
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    • 7 Colors
    • Semi Glossy
    • Layer 0 Colors
    • Most Fabrics
  3. Siser ColorPrint Easy By The Roll 29.5"

    Siser ColorPrint Easy By The Roll 29.5"

    ColorPrint Easy is the easiest weeding print and cut material ever! Compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers/cutters. ColorPrint Easy is just what the name says- EASY! Simply print and cut your design, weed the excess with ease, and mask. You say you hate masking because of all the pressure you have to apply to get the design to transfer to the mask? With the help of a Siser squeegee ColorPrint Easy transfers smoothly to the mask with little effort. Peeling the carrier is a snap too! ColorPrint Easy applies at only 300° F, which gives you the ability to apply to special materials that require a lower application temperature. Recommended for use in Eco-Solvent and Solvent based Printer/Cutters. This product will not work with a standard inkjet printer.

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    • Siser EasyWeed Adhesive By The Yard

      Siser EasyWeed Adhesive By The Yard

      The cloudy appearance of EasyWeed Adhesive turns clear when applied and becomes bright like the sun when you add a screen printing foil on top. Just like the materials in the EasyWeed Family, EasyWeed Adhesive has a carrier side and a material side. EasyWeed Adhesive can not only be used with screen printing foils, it also works with fabrics and other materials that lend themselves to adhesion. EasyWeed Adhesive can be cut on any vinyl cutter and requires the typical steps before cutting Siser heat transfer vinyl. EasyWeed Adhesive is perfect for applying textile foils and more to fabric.

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      Per Yard
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      • 1 Colors
      • N/A
      • Layer 1 Colors
      • Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Blends
    • Siser TTD Easy Mask By The Roll 29"

      Siser TTD Easy Mask By The Roll 29"

      Most application tapes in the industry are manufactured to transfer sign vinyl which doesn’t require heat. When using these tapes to apply Siser products, you may be left with an adhesive residue. Additionally, the tape may be difficult to remove which slows down the production process. An extended amount of time was spent formulating a transfer tape that works perfectly with our heat transfer materials. This CLEAR mask allows you to accurately place the image on the garment then releases easily after heat application. Combine TTD Easy Mask with Siser Print and Cut Materials for the best application results.

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