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2" Hercules Lettering-Gold

2" Hercules Lettering-Gold

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  • Letter Application Instructions

    1. Preheat bottom pad before applying by locking the top platen down for 60 seconds. This helps the ink to flow properly during the application.
    2. Peel desired letters off of release paper, by peeling from one corner.
    3. Position letters grainy side down facing garment and smooth side up facing you.
    4. Cover with cover sheet provided.
    5. Close machine and press at a temperature of 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 seconds or 365 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 seconds.
    6. Open machine and peel off cover sheet.

    Recommended for cotton and cotton blends. Not to be used on performance wear, nylon or spandex. Other fabrics not listed will need to be tested.

    These instructions might vary depending on the transfer machine being used for the application. Variances in time, pressure, and/or temperature might be necessary. Proper temperature testing of the heating element is strongly recommended.

    Click Here For Video Instructions
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