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Siser EasySubli FAQ

Can I use SubliJet HD ink instead of the EasySubli ink?

SubliJet HD can be used on the EasySubli vinyl, however the optimal output can be achieved using the EasySubli inkset in conjunction with the instructions provided by Siser and the custom profile in Sawgrass VPM 6.5. Some shift in color may occur when using Sublijet HD inks.

Do I have to use the EasySubli Mask or can I use regular application tape?

Yes, you will need the EasySubli Mask as this is designed to work with the EasySubli ink and EasySubli vinyl.

Do I have to wait for the ink to dry after printing?

Yes, wait at least 2 hours before using the printed EasySubli vinyl within your cutter. You could also place the printed EasySubli vinyl, print face up under your heat press for 1-2 minutes before using. The ink could smear if not dry.

Is the EasySubli vinyl available in other sizes?

It is available in 8.4” x 11” sheets and 19.6” rolls sold by the yard.

Can I use the sublimation ink that is in my Epson inkjet printer?

Yes, but there could be a color shift. For best results, we recommend using the EasySubli ink along with the EasySubli print profile.

Will there be a background on the shirt if I do not cut out the image?

If you do not contour cut around the printed image, the unprinted white vinyl will transfer to your fabric.

What computer settings do I need to use?

See attached direction sheet

Can I flush out the SubliJet HD ink and replace with EasySubli ink?

No, we do not recommend flushing the ink. For best results, a separate printer should be purchased.

Are there special washing instructions?

Wait 24 hours after applying the vinyl to the garment. Wash using cold water.

Can I use the EasySubli ink on hard surface sublimation items with my TexPrint paper?

Yes, you can use EasySubli with TexPrint paper for hard surface coated sublimation blanks.

Are EasySubli inks available for my Epson printer?

No, they are only available for the Virtuoso SG400 or SG800

Is there a limit to the number of colors I can print?

You can achieve unlimited colors with the system.

What is the cost to make the finished product not including the garment?

Depending on the quantity you purchase the cost is about $3.00. If you are applying it to a standard $3.00 +/- t shirt and selling for $20, the profit is over 300%.

Can this product be used on all materials?

This product can be used on both dark and light materials in cotton, cotton/poly blend, and tri blend fabrics.

Can you use the EasySubli vinyl with a standard inkjet or laser printer?

No, you will need sublimation inks to print on the EasySubli vinyl. We recommend using the Virtuoso sublimation printer with EasySubli inks.

Can you print photographs and gradients with this paper?

Yes you are not limited to the design you can create on this vinyl.