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Forever Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter Transfer Paper Application Instructions

General Use: For light colored cotton garments. Sublimation ink required.

Application Instructions

  1. Pre-heat the bottom pad of your heat press.
  2. Prepress your garment at 338-374F for 15-30 seconds.
  3. Print the image in reverse/mirrored format on Subli-Light Glitter.
  4. Place the Subli-Light Glitter paper face down on your garment.
  5. Press for 20-30 seconds at 338-374F with medium-heavy pressure.
  6. Remove Subli-Light Glitter as a hot peel. Do not remove garment off the press before peeling off the paper.
  7. Cover with a silicone sheet/parchment paper for a matte finish, or a non-stick sheet for a glossy finish. 
  8. Repress for another 30 seconds at 338-374F using heavy pressure.
  9. After removing the silicone sheet/parchment paper from the garment, stretch the shirt while still hot. This will lead to a softer touch.

Tips & Notes

  • Use the FOREVER profile when using a Virtuoso printer.
  • For other sublimation printers: Priority Quality, Inkjet Normal paper, ICC color profile -OFF
  • NOT recommended for photographs or pastel images. Bold solid images only.
  • Transfer design to your garment immediately after printing. (the longer the time between printing and pressing, the less it will transfer).

Washing Instructions    

  • Wash cold - inside out.
  • Do NOT tumble dry. Hang or line dry recommended.
  • When ironing, cover the print with parchment paper.