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Lasersoft Easy Peel Transfer Paper Application Instructions

General Use

For light colored garments only, Designed for both fuser oil and oil-less laser printers and copiers.

Application Instructions

  1. Design or select your image on the computer.
  2. Print the image in reverse/mirrored format using a heavy paper mode.
  3. Set heat press at 375 degrees with medium-heavy pressure.
  4. Pre-heat garment for 10-15 seconds to remove moisture.
  5. Place transfer face down and press for 25 seconds.
  6. For best results leave on the heat press, wait 10-15 seconds and then peel the paper in a smooth even motion.
  7. To improve the feel or 'hand', stretch the garment in all directions while still hot.

Tips & Notes

  • Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for damaged caused by misuse of this paper.