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Formulated to use during DTG Transfer (DTF), this black adhesive powder is crucial for this new technology. Cover your DTG Transfer media with this powder for optimal press. Use the black powder to prevent dye migration on dark-colored polyester garments such as black, red, navy, and neon-colored garments. This can also be used on black garments to eliminate visible powder residue.


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Size 1 Kg
  • DTF (Direct To Film) products work with almost all types of fabrics, including 100% cotton, polyester, nylon, and more
  • Hot-melt adhesive powder has excellent bonding and flexibility properties with DTF inks.
  • The designed fabrics or printed shirts have good wash characteristics.
  • The print will have a very slight hand

DTF Hot Melt Powder Application Instructions

Application Instructions

  1. Print the image onto the matte side of the film in mirror mode. (CMYK>>White Ink)
  2. Apply hot melt powder evenly and remove the excess powder. Use a Seismo Shaker unit - like the Seismo S20 - to apply powder with ease!
  3. Hover with a heat press to bake the hot melt powder (340°F, 5min). Or use a curing oven (300-315 °F, 1min).
  4. Transfer the image by heat press at 330°F for 15sec with medium pressure.
  5. After the first press,
  • Option 1: Wait for 4-6 seconds and remove the film gently
  • Option 2: Rub the top surface with a cloth to remove some heat and peel off the film gently
  1. Heat press again at 330°F 5-10sec with medium pressure to enhance softer hand feel.

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