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Digital Art General Commercial Use License

Thank you for your purchase of a General Commercial Use License of digital art files from Pro-World, Inc. (“Pro World”). All digital art file purchases from Pro World include this General Commercial Use License. This document outlines how you can use the Item(s) you purchased for both personal and commercial use. “Item” is defined as a license to a digital art file that you purchased from our website.

Each Item license is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable. An Item can be used for print use only and not sold as a digital format. This is a digital license; no physical license will be sent to you.

**If you would like to use an Item for high volume production (above 250 copies) or for print-on-demand (no matter how many you want to produce with print-on-demand), you must purchase an Enterprise Use License from Pro World for each Item. Print-on-demand services are defined as companies and services which market the item on a website and print and ship the item on a variety of products (e.g. t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, etc.) as they are ordered, typically using digital technology.

This license allows you to do any of the following with the Item you purchased:

  • You may use the Item for yourself.
  • You may create a product with or using the Item you purchased and sell it to others up to 249 pieces (so long as you do not alter or modify the Item).
    • For example, you purchased an Item that is a license to a digital art file a graphic of an apple from Pro World. You may print the Item onto a t-shirt or mug, but you cannot make any changes to the apple graphic itself. You are permitted to further customize or personalize the product on which the Item is printed (you can add your name! Or your buyer’s name!).

This license does not permit you to do any of the following with the Item you purchased:

  • You cannot resell the digital Item itself in its original format, altered format or any variation.
  • You cannot sublicense, assign, transfer, or share your license of the Item with or to someone else.
  • Items including digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as any other file type (e.g. embroidery file).
  • The Item may not be used for print-on-demand services. You need a Pro World Enterprise Use License to use the Item in this way.
  • You may not use our representation of the Item or any product featuring the Item on the website to promote or market any products you create. This means you cannot use imagery or mock-ups from for your own use.

If you have additional questions, please email us at contact us.