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What could be better then having one of the latest smart phone models? Having a customized case to show it off! These hard plastic iPhone 6 cases are ideal for adding logo's, pictures, or a sentimental message to make it stand out. Perfect for gifting as well.

Use with our 3D sublimation vacuum heat press only!

iPhone 6 Case

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SKU SB-S-027
Brand Best Sub
Finish N/A
Substrate Plastic
Sub Blank Size iPhone 6
Protective Film No
Mirror Image Yes

Texprint Sublimation Paper on Cell phone cases w/3D Vacuum Heat Press

Application Instructions

  1. Make sure the top vacuum tray is in the 3D Vacuum Heat Press and the tubing is connected to the tray.
  2. Press the heating button so both the top and bottom heater are active.
  3. Set temperature to 190 degrees Celsius
  4. Set time to 6 minutes (360 seconds)
  5. Remove protective film from the phone case (if applicable).
  6. Place phone case on mold.
  7. Print a mirror image onto Texprint Paper.
  8. Trim the edges of the image and wrap around the phone case and mold. (slit corners of paper to wrap around the corners of the phone case)
  9. Place phone case face up within the top tray of the 3D Vacuum Heat Press.
  10. Close and lock the top tray.
  11. Press the vacuum button. Once the vacuum has removed most of the air and your phone case looks snug within the tray, close the top lid of the 3D Vacuum Heat Press.
  12. Press the time button.
  13. Remove immediately from press once finished and peel hot.
  14. For iPhone 4 and 5 cases, place the finished phone case in the cooling mold to receive a tight fit around the phone. (all other phone cases do not require the cooling mold)

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