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The Heat Press Caddie is a pedestal stand that converts any HOTRONIX AUTO OPEN OR MAXX CLAM into a threadable heat press. Threadability™, the latest innovation from Stahls’ Hotronix, allows you to load your garment on to the press and decorate the front, back or side without having to remove it from the platen. This patented time-saving feature increases productivity up to 40%. ONLY FOR HOTRONIX AUTO OPEN, HOVER PRESS, OR MAXX CLAM. NO OTHER MODELS. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FUSION IQ.

Make Your Heat Press Portable. With self-leveling casters, you can make your heat press portable and take it anywhere. Move the Heat Press Caddie around in your shop or go mobile and offer heat printing services at local events. No need to bend or reach to operate your heat press, the patented adjustable stand can be raised or lowered to enhance individual operator comfort or a completely ergonomic experience.


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  • Easier garment maneuvering – simply rotate the garment rather than removing for replacement.
  • Adjustable height – adjust the press to the operator not the operator to the press.
  • Portability – better positioning of the press in the work flow or take to an event.
  • Level and lock – self leveling casters allows pedestal to be lock.
  • Effective use of space – remove the press from the table and use that area more effectively.


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