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Round Lapel Pin

Round aluminum gloss white lapel pin is 0.03″ (0.76 mm) in thickness. Pin and backing included.

.875" Round
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  • Application Instructions

    1. Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Set timer to 30-45 seconds minutes.
    3. Set Pressure at medium.
    4. Remove protective film from product.
    5. Print a mirror image onto Texprint Paper. Image should be larger than the substrate.
    6. Place the substrate face down on the transfer paper and tape the paper to the substrate using transfer release tape.
    7. Put a blank sheet of paper on heat press platen to keep it clean.
    8. Place substrate face down on the heat press (metal surface up).
    9. Cover with a non stick sheet.
    10. Press at 400 degrees F for 30-45 seconds with medium pressure.
    11. Remove immediately from press once finished and peel hot.
  • Printing on Photo Panels
    Sublimation Printing On Metal Surfaces
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    Add On Item Review by Barbara
    My clients like the pins. They are a little high in price, but it is just another item to add to my sublimation product line. (Posted on 6/1/18)
    great for kids party Review by Pradesh Ramsumair
    This item is great for kids party. (Posted on 4/14/17)
    Good Product Review by Danielle
    These pins are nice and the colors come out great. The locking back of the pin is much nicer than I expected. However for small size makes the text hard to read and the cost compared to other products isn't as good. I'm also not a fan of how the sublimation part sticks to the back pin part. Ultimately I think they're a great product but a little higher on cost than I'd like to pay for such a small product. (Posted on 1/25/17)