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These products are to be used with our line of Silhouette products only! Silhouette’s removable vinyl is an inexpensive, self-adhesive, high-grade vinyl that is well equipped for a large array of outdoor and indoor applications, including decals, advertisements, quote walls, and outdoor decorations. The matte surface produces a classic look and displays casual, cool colors.These are 12" wide x 6' rolls and are available in multiple colors. Use together with Silhouette premium transfer paper (sold separately) for easy application.

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Silhouette Matte Adhesive Vinyl

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Brand Silhouette
Vinyl Application Pressure Applied
Vinyl Type Removable
Finish Matte
Transfer Vinyl Max Colors Layerable
CPSIA Certified No
Home Iron Compatible No
Transfer Vinyl Ideal Applications Wood, Painted Drywall, Windows, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Plastic, Mirror
  • 12 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounce

Silhouette Vinyl for Decoration Application Instructions

Application Instructions

  • Clean and dry the surface of your project.
  • Insert vinyl into cutting machine with the backing side down.
  • Using the 'Silhouette vinyl" setting in the Silhouette Studio software.
  • Cut vinyl design with your electronic cutting tool.
  • Leave protective backing in place and peel away excess vinyl that is not part of the design.
  • Remove transfer paper liner.
  • Place transfer paper on vinyl design.
  • Smooth by pressing in place.
  • Arrange design on sired surface.
  • Press down firmly with a flat-edged tool over entire design to affix and remove air bubbles.
  • Peel away transfer paper.

Cutter Settings For Vinyl Material

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