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TransPro® Plus 15X15 Semi-Auto Heat Press

The next generation of our TransPro Heat Presses has arrived! The TransPro Plus includes the best features of our TransPro Select line and so much more. This press offers interchangeable platens, slide-out lower platen for easy access, and the exclusive semi-auto release feature which can be changed to manual operation if needed. The press also features a pressure display ranging from 0-9 that can be set by the large pressure knob on the top of the platen.

4 Platen & Platen Covers In Different Sizes

Reduce the size of your 15x15 press area by using an interchangeable platen. Don't fuss with pressing pillows or perfect pads. Use an interchangeable platen to avoid seams, buttons, and zippers and speed up production time. Keep your platen protected with a non-stick platen cover. All of our platens use the quick change RamLock system.

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15"x15" Platen

Great for large products like tote bags, large t-shirts, and more.

Changeable Platens

Choose from 4 additional platen sizes (included with this press).

Even Heating

Perfectly accurate heat, even at the edges.

Pressure Display

Accurate pressure means fewer mistakes and waste.

Fast Preheat

Heat to 356°F in 20 minutes. (430°F Max. Temp.)

Auto-Sleep Mode

Ensure safety and save energy when you get distracted.

Pad Cover and Non-Stick Sheet

Included to protect your products and press.

Threadable Lower Platen

Let's you press a single side of the product.

Slide-Out Lower Platen

Allows perfect placement and keeps you from the heat.

Emergency Release

React quickly if your pressing doesn't go well.

Manual Or Auto Release

With a flip of a switch go from manual to auto release.


TransPro® Plus 15X15 Semi-Auto Heat Press Features
  • "RAMLOCK" Quick Change System For Interchangeable Platens
  • Pressure Scale Display
  • Auto-Sleep Mode
  • Easy Assembly Of The Control Box To The Frame Is Required
  • Over The Center Pressure Distribution
  • Threadable Lower Platen
  • Bottom Pad Cover And Non-Stick Sheet Included
  • Maximum Product Thickness: 1.2"
  • Slide-out Lower Platen
  • Interchangeable Control Box
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Heater Size: 15"x15"
  • Power(120volt): 1800W/16.4Amps
  • Pressure Display: Yes
  • Auto-Open/Manual: Optional. "Ramspin" System
  • Temperature Range: Max. 430℉
  • Heating Up Time: 20 Minutes
  • Time Range: 0~999S
  • Interchangeable Platens: 4"x4"; 11"x15"; 8"x10"; 6"x10"
  • Machine Size: 25"x16"x34"
  • Packing Size: 33"x21"x34"
  • Packing Weight: 109lbs
  • Certificate: CE,FCC
Platen Sizes
  • 4"x4" Platen
  • 6"x10" Platen
  • 8"x10" Platen
  • 11"x15" Platen
Platen Cover Sizes
  • 4"x4" Platen Wrap
  • 6"x10" Platen Wrap
  • 8"x10" Platen Wrap
  • 11"x15" Platen Wrap
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