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Color Laser Copier Paper for Darks Application Instructions

General Use

For both oil and non-oil color laser copies and printers. They are used for the heat transfer of high-resolution photographs and images to dark T-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, coasters, puzzles and more. Choose garments that have a tight weave.

Application Instructions

  1. Choose a dark or bright colored substrate made of 100% cotton.
  2. Change your copier/printer settings to Heavy Card Stock or label 1, label 2.
  3. Load transfer paper so blank side receives the image. Paper should be fed into the copier or printer with the short dimension first (grain long) using the by-pass tray.
  4. DO NOT reverse (flip or mirror) the image. Print your transfer.
  5. Holding the image side of transfer toward you make a small (1/4 inch) hard crease at the corner edge of the transfer.
  6. Flip the transfer over and crease the same corner again but in the opposite direction.
  7. Holding the backside of the transfer toward you, gently tear the paper backing on the crease to separate the transfer from the paper backing.
  8. Do not tear the transfer layer.
  9. When you have made the tear, separate the layers and slowly peel the transfer just past the image. Stop there and realign the paper backing with the image layer.
  10. Trim away the unprinted paper around your image.
  11. Gently peel the paper backing from the transfer film.
  12. Position imaged transfer film on the garment with the printed side face up.
  13. Cover imaged transfer film with enclosed silicon paper. This is to protect the imaged transfer film. The silicone paper is reusable so do not throw away after use. Make sure the silicon paper covers the entire transfer, leaving no are of the transfer uncovered.
  14. Press at 325°. Use light pressure. Print for 25 seconds. Allow silicon to cool completely (at least 2 minutes) and peel when cold.

Tips & Notes

  • Alternate printing instructions - Placing a flat single layer of fabric such as a pillow case or T-shirt over the ironing sheet and increasing the pressing time up to 2 minutes at 300oF increases the durability of the transfer.