Foil adds depth and dimension to all garments it's applied to resulting in unique products that can't be duplicated using any other decorating methods. Now sold in 12" wide x 25 foot holographic and pattern rolls to complete your design. Foils do not have an adhesive layer of their own so they must be applied with Siser EasyWeed Adhesive. You may notice small gaps in the foil on your garment, that’s because screen printing foils don’t actually offer full coverage. It’s normal for small pieces to get left behind on the foil sheet. This gives the foil a bit of a distressed look that’s very popular. If you want an even more distressed look, crumple the foil before heat application.

Pricing Per Roll
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Holographic Blue Flower Power
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Gold Confetti
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Gold Star
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Gold Weave
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Silver
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Light Purple Confetti
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Pink Flower Power
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Pink Hearts
As Low As $9.95
Pink Leopard
As Low As $9.95
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Rainbow Kaleidoscope
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Silver Sequin
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Silver Hearts
As Low As $9.95
Holographic Silver Star
As Low As $9.95
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Holographic and Pattern Foil Rolls 12" x 25 ft

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More Information
Finish Metallic
  • Width: 12" (may vary in size)
  • Length: By the roll
  • Suitable for Cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends, and leather
  • Must use an additional adhesive for application such as Siser EasyWeed Adhesive

Siser EasyWeed Adhesive Application Instructions

Application Instructions

  1. Temperature: 300° F
  2. Cover with Pressing Sheet
  3. Time: Press for 5 Seconds
  4. Pressure: Medium
  5. Peel: Hot
  6. Cover Transferred Adhesive with Foil
  7. Cover Both with a Non Stick Sheet
  8. Time: Press Both for 10 Seconds.
  9. Peel: Cold.

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