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Cl Trimfree For Lights

Please Note: This product is designed to work with SOLID colors only, NO gradients.

Pro World introduces the latest advancement in laser transfer paper technology. Trim Free Laser Paper is the first single step transfer paper which has been developed to only release the polymer coating in areas that have toner coverage where the image is pressed to fabric. This eliminates the need to trim your design prior to imaging your garment. Trim Free Laser Paper produces vibrant full color images that will stand repeated washing. For both oil and non-oil color laser copies and printers. They are used for the heat transfer images to light colored T-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, coasters, puzzles and more. Choose garments that have a tight weave. Not recommended for photograph images or gradient colors. Not recommended for darks. More product details…
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Color Laser
8.5" X 11"
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    Since there are so many makes and models of printers it is virtually impossible to guarantee the results on any one printer. We can only suggest that you check with the manufacturer regarding the use of transfer papers. We cannot assume any liability for the use of our transfer papers. Learn More...

    Recommended Printers and Copiers
    OKI DATA Recommended
    CANON Recommended
    SAMSUNG Recommended
    RICOH Recommended
    Dell Not Recommended
    HP Not Recommended
    BROTHER Not Recommended

    Although testing has been done on the above brands of printers, it is recommended that you do your own testing due to the many different models.


  • Trim Free Laser Transfer Paper Application Instructions

    General Use

    White or light colored fabrics including 100% cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends. Printing Equipment: CL Trim Free works in Color Laser Copiers and Printers . It is not recommended for photo type prints or prints with gradient colors , etc.

    General Tips

    • We recommend that the sorter is removed on color copiers.
    • Fan paper to separate.
    • Feed transfer paper from bypass tray / multi-feed tray.
    • Copy/Print on the coated side of the transfer paper.
    • Copy/Print Mirror Image.
    • Copy in Heavy 1 Mode if your printer or copier does not have this setting or you are not sure which mode to use please call for further information. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for damaged caused by misuse of this paper.

    Application Instructions

    1. Position the imaged sheet with printed side face down.
    2. Press at 330-340 degreesF (165-170C) using medium to high pressure for 25-30 seconds.
    3. Peel the backing paper off slowly while warm (wait 7 to 10 seconds before peeling).
    4. Pull fabric on its ends before peeling for an easier peel.
    5. Repress imaged fabric with silicon sheet for 30 seconds.

    Garment Care & Washing Instructions

    • Always turn textile inside out before washing.
    • Recommended: Machine wash in cold water. Optional: Machine wash in warm water (40°C).
    • Use mild detergent. Do not use harsh or bleaching materials.
    • Recommended: Hang dry. Optional: Tumble dry with cool or warm air setting. Do not use fabric softeners.
    • After washing we recommend turning shirt inside out and ironing the image from the back.
    • Do not Dry Clean. This hand will continue to improve with washing. Wash garment inside out in warm or cool water. Do not use bleach or hot water.

    Storage & Handling for Transfer paper

    • Humidity levels affect the performance of the printer and the paper. Best results are achieved at 50-70% relative humidity. Always keep the paper packed and sealed in the ZIPLOK bag until used. Return all unused paper to the bag and reseal. Caution: Dampness in the paper will cause poor reproduction quality. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for damaged caused by misuse of this paper.
    • Color Laser Copiers / Printers recommended maintenance for best quality production.
    • Your CLC should be checked every 30,000 copies.
    • Copies should run on its own circuit.
    • Have toner waste boxes emptied at least once a year.
    • If color is off after adjusting the toner and saturation levels, the starter may need replacing.
    • Toners darken with heat: therefore the image on the transfer should be a bit lighter.
    • Clean the glass on your CLC often.
    • For every 50 sheets of transfer paper, run a sheet of Laser Cleaning paper through the CLC.
    • Do not store paper in the tray inside the machine, but the paper needs to be kept in the same area as the copier. This paper will not work in black & white copiers, desktop printers, laser jet printer, etc.

    Click Here For Video Instructions
  • Trim Free Laser Paper
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    It Works! Review by L. Joseph
    Works great for me every time. Love the print and finished image of the transfer. Great quality that has lasted. (Posted on 6/22/18)
    trimfree Review by Dallas
    I struggled to get the paper to work properly with my printer at first, but that was a setting problem, not one with the paper. Secondly the free help line Pro World offers is EXCEPTIONAL! They helped walk me through the issues I was having and now this paper works flawlessly with my printer. GREAT PRODUCT, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!!! (Posted on 5/21/18)
    Trim Free transfers Review by Inez Hall
    I purchased this product on 3/1/18 and was totally satisfied. There was totally satisfied with the results. There was no evidence that it was a transfer on my garment.Every application was perfect. Will be ordering my next set soon. (Posted on 5/16/18)
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