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Shipped from manufacturer. Allow additional time for shipping. Now you have ability to produce large garments, and do it quickly! With the SwingMan 25 Twin you are ready to handle any job and deadline.

The SwingMan 25 Twin is the same as the SwingMan 20 Twin, except that it has a larger heat platen and two lower platens, each measuring 20" x 25".

The SwingMan 25 Twin is the top-of-the-line machine when it comes to mass production at high quality levels. This unit can handle anything – large or small garments, multiple ceramic tiles, and many other substrates. This is especially true for ceramic tile decorating using inkjet sublimation. Because of the long dwell times (9-12 minutes, depending upon size and quantity), a dual station heat press eliminates downtime.

While one side is under pressure, the other side can cool a bit, and then be unloaded and reloaded. In an 8-hour day, this can save as much as 90 minutes. Now you can even press a complete 18″x24″ ceramic tile mural in one pressing – saving you time and money.

The SwingMan 25 Twin does twice the work with half the space as a regular swing-away press. One operator can press a job and set another in place. This helps you minimize downtime and keep up with demand, all with one heat press. Plus, with our exclusive progressive linkage system, you can apply up to 1200 lbs. of pressure with very little effort. This lowers operator fatigue and increases productivity.

The increased size of the platen now opens up more opportunities for cut-and-sew manufacturers, signage, and sublimation applications that cover a multitude of substrates. Not only can you press larger items, but the increased size also allows you to press multiple smaller items at one time – perfect for increased production! Uneven pressure is also eliminated with the self-leveling design of the lower platens.

Exclusive 2 Year Warranty

We extend the warranty an extra year on this heat press.
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More Information
Brand Hix
Skill Level Advanced
Transfer Machine Pressure Display No
Transfer Machine Compressor Needed No
Transfer Machine Drawer No
Interchangeable Platens No
Style Swinger
Transfer Machine Press Type Garment Press
Automation Manual
Transfer Machine Dimensions 42" X 53" X 33"
Press Size 20" x 25"
Voltage 240
  • The super-large 20" x 25" platen surface allows for garments up to 4XXL and the ability to press ceramic tiles, puff transfers, hot split transfers, glass cutting boards, rhinestones, license plates, garments, mouse pads, plaques, and more!
  • Dual self-leveling lower platens remain stationary while the heat element swivels between the two, eliminating the risk of transfer or substrate movement associated with some shuttle systems. Uneven pressure is eliminated with the self-leveling design of the lower platens.
  • Integrated touch-screen controller with digital time and temperature function
  • Applies all type transfers on items up to 1-3/4" thick
  • Full range pressure adjustment
  • Easy open/close handle – easy swing-away motion
  • Lifetime warranty on heating element
  • Two 20" x 25" heavy duty platens
  • Full-range pressure adjustment
  • Dual bottom platens allow you to lay out products/transfers while other side is transferring
  • On/off switch calibrated thermostat that can be set from off to 450F
  • Lifetime warranty on heater element
  • 1 year warranty on the press
  • Nema 5-15P Standard Plug
  • Ships via truck, shipping cost includes the crating cost
  • Weight Shipping: 355 lbs (158 kg)
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