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Heat Presses

Professional Quality T-Shirt & Cap Heat Presses

Heat presses are the foundation of the imprinted sportswear industry. Indeed, our industry without heat presses would be like carpentry without hammers: it just wouldn't happen. Whether you're selling products in flea markets, printing t-shirts to benefit a school or nonprofit organization, or you run your own retail t-shirt shop, high-quality cap heat presses and t-shirt heat presses are an absolute necessity, and a solid investment in the future of your endeavor. Further, heat presses of questionable quality can result in not only frustration, but wasted labor, transfers and products, all of which negatively affects your bottom line. As one of the premier suppliers of heat transfer machines and accessories to the imprinted sportswear industry, Pro World is proud to offer a selection of superior-quality t-shrt and cap heat presses to suit your needs. Browse our our entire site now and view all the great heat presses we offer.

Heating Elements for Heat Presses

Cold spots on the heating element often result in an uneven transfer quality, leaving the transfer only partially affixed to the product. The heating elements on all Pro World heat presses carry a lifetime guarantee, so you won't have to worry about uneven transfer applications or peeling transfers. All of our presses can print any of our approximately 10,000 heat transfer designs, and custom designs printed on our thermal or inkjet transfer paper. We offer heat presses to suit all your business's needs. From industrial-strength t-shirt heat presses for the experienced transfer machine operator, to heat presses perfect for the hobbyist or beginner, you'll find the t-shirt printing equipment you need at Pro World, all backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry. If you need to print a smaller surface, our cap heat presses feature a small, curved heating surface, ideal for not only caps, but also for sleeves and pockets. The perfect tool for printing for teams, small businesses, and special events, cap heat presses can add an important source of revenue, and can round out your heat transfer business.

Features of Pro World Heat Presses

All of our superior quality cap and t-shirt heat presses offer the following features:

  • Our heat transfer machines print ALL types of heat transfers (including computer generated transfers) and lettering materials;
  • Our presses are designed for maximum pressure;
  • Our presses feature an automatic timer;
  • Our EZ-Read temperature dial makes it even easier to us our heat presses;
  • More heating element for better coverage and better transfer application;
  • All heat transfer machines feature a scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish;
  • A Fahrenheit/Celsius thermometer.

View all the additional model-specific features offered by our individual t-shirt and cap heat presses.

Warranty Information

Pro World cap and t-shirt heat presses are built tough, and should provide many years of superior performance. In the rare event you do experience a performance issue with our equipment, our heat transfer machines include a two year limited warranty on parts and labor. The heating element, arguably the most important component, is guaranteed for life. A reminder: the warranty is not on-site and requires the unit to be returned to the manufacturer at the customer's expense.

More than 30 Years of Experience with Imprinted Sportswear

Our years of industry experience have guided us towards offering only the highest quality heat presses, transfers, garments, and accessories. In addition, our superior customer service resources allow us to serve thousands of customers nationwide. Whether you're just starting a t-shirt business, or you have years of imprinted sportswear experience, Pro World is your source for the highest quality heat transfer machines and supplies, as well as information. Our helpful heat transfer and heat press troubleshooting guide can help you navigate several potential issues that may be experiencing during the application process, and our Transfer Application Instructions page covers every type of heat transfer we sell. Please feel free, however, if you have any questions about our heat presses, heat transfers, or any of our accessories to contact our customer service department either via email using our Pro World contact form, or via phone at 800-678-8289.

About Pro World

Incorporated in 1974, Pro World is the largest single supplier of heat transfers and accessories to the imprinted sportswear industry. Our extensive catalog of approximately 10,000 professional quality t-shirt heat transfers contains both popular new designs and time-tested favorites, featuring subjects appealing to every interest, vocation, avocation, and sense of humor. We offer a full line of heat transfer paper for printing custom computer-generated designs on inkjet, thermal, and laser printers and copiers. Our comprehensive offering of professional t-shirt and cap heat presses addresses virtually all your imprinting needs. To view our full line of heat transfers, presses, and other t-shirt printing supplies and equipment, please browse through our site further.